Andrew Casto

Hello, my name is Andrew Casto. I want to tell you a little bit about how the Stanley Museum of Art has mattered to me in my life. I am an assistant professor of art and the program head of ceramics at the University of Iowa. I have the unique pleasure of getting to teach at the institution where I went to graduate school. In 2006, I was traveling across the country visiting programs that I thought might be right for me as a student. I stopped in Iowa City to view the program here in ceramics. I parked at the previous incarnation of Hancher Auditorium and walked down Riverside Drive on the way to the ceramics building. On the way, I stopped in the museum to use the restroom. When I opened the doors, I saw in front of me a four-foot tall Peter Voulkos stack with the Jackson Pollock "Mural" painting in the background, and I instantly knew this was the place for me and where I want to spend my time studying. I never dreamed I'd be able to teach here, but that moment, and that exposure to the treasures that this museum holds, was pivotal in my life and [determined] where I would study art. I'm so thankful the Stanley Museum exists and I hope that we can all support its future.


[This museum memory is transcribed from a video, which can be viewed on the museum's Facebook page]