Statements of Core Values, Vision, and Mission

Core Values: 

The University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art staff is committed to the following:


  • Leading and shaping the field of academic art museums in the twenty-first century
  • Fostering a culture of creative, innovative thinking in our work, our programs, and our galleries
  • Transforming individual and civic life through exhibitions and programs that are inspiring, challenging, and risk-taking


  • Maintaining the highest standards for our collections, exhibitions, and programs


  • Including many voices and presenting many points of view
  • Welcoming and engaging audiences of all kinds on campus, across Iowa, and around the world 


  • Working in collegial partnership within the Stanley Museum of Art, across the University of Iowa campus, with educators and stakeholders in Iowa, and with museums and cultural institutions around the world.


  • Transparent and careful stewardship of resources, including collections, staff, facilities, and investments.


Vision statement:

The University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art transforms lives by connecting the University of Iowa community, Iowans, and the world with extraordinary works of art.


Mission statement:

The University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art welcomes the University of Iowa community, all Iowans, and the world to discover and enjoy extraordinary works of art, explore new ideas, and cultivate new insights into history, culture, and the act of creation. We create diverse communities around our collections by fostering creative connections across the university, the state, and the world. Through the wise stewardship and dynamic presentation of the collections in our care, the Stanley Museum encourages transformative encounters with works of art and contemplation of the human story.