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From the Archives: Sculptor Katzen casts dreams into living art

[From the Daily Iowan, November 8, 1977]

Sculptor Katzen casts dreams into living art By Kittredge Cherry, Staff Writer  

Steel is not unlovable.


How to Move a Collection: Packing the Museum

The collections department at the Stanley has returned to packing the artwork at the Figge Art Museum in Davenport, where the majority of the collecti...

New to the Collection: Hiroshi Yoshida


Over a lifetime, Karen F. Beall and Dale K. Haworth have traveled the world and collected with care. Since 2017, the couple have given over sixty a...

Reimagining Ritual and Style

Our inaugural installation planning is underway! “Reimagining Ritual and Style” is the most important of the Africa-focused exhibitions in terms of ph...

Collections Conservation: Oracle

Lila Katzen's sculpture Oracle (1974) has been a fan favorite for decades. After many years of Iowa weather the work is in need of some TLC. Read abou...

From the Archives:101 Masterworks

The University of Iowa published an exhibition catalogue on the occasion of the 1986 exhibition 101 Masterworks. The catalogue was made possible by th...

Elizabeth Catlett: A Legacy For Iowa

Elizabeth Catlett: A Legacy For IowaBy Nico Alvarado-Greenwood

[From the UIMA Magazine, Spring 2007]

To describe the sculptor and printmaker Elizabe...

From the Archives: Giovanni Battista Piranesi and "Le Antichità Romane”

From the University of Iowa Museum of Art Bulletin, 1976


The first issue of this bulletin is dedicated to Owen and Leone Elliott whose gen...

From the Archives: Turning Points in Pollock's Early Imagery

From the University of Iowa Museum of Art Bulletin, Spring 1976


Stephen C. Foster

The author wishes to ex...

From the Archives: Conservation of Delaunay’s "La Poétesse"

From the University of Iowa Museum of Art Bulletin, Summer 1977

In 1974, The University of Iowa Museum of Art joined the Intermuseum Conservation Ass...

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