Art Education

In November, Stanley Associate Curator of Education Joshua Siefken shared original comic book and graphic novel artworks with over 150 students at Prairie Point Middle School in Cedar Rapids. His presentation focused on the powerful medium of visual storytelling and art techniques used to create the works that were shown.

Graphic novels help teach visual literacy, an essential skill when interacting with photos, paintings, and people. In addition, graphic novels offer illustrations and other contextual cues that serve as guideposts for dyslexic readers and encourage reluctant readers. Prairie Point teacher Kara Wehmeyer’s language arts students practiced skills such as understanding a sequence of events, interpreting characters’ nonverbal gestures, discerning the story’s plot, and making inferences.

As we await the opening of our new building, Stanley educational staff will continue to serve K-12 classes across the state online. To learn more about Stanley comic and graphic novel educational presentations, visit our YouTube page.

Rendering of Martin Luther King Jr.
King, vol. 3, panel 5 from pg. 11, Fantagraphics Books, 2002
Ho Che Anderson (British, 1969– )
Paper, ink, pencil, paint, 12 x 7 ¼ in. Stanley School Programs Collections, GNC.8