Construction Update: Let there be light

Construction is almost complete on the Stanley Museum of Art, with only a few months to go. The finishing work is speeding along, and museum staff will begin occupancy in early 2022. Just as there is finally light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, so real daylight now shines into the building through 15,438 square feet of glass, or a total number of 552 pieces. The large glass façade is integral to the interior experience, bringing the outside in and providing both literal and figurative transparency to campus and the community. At the core of the museum, the three-story lightwell sheds light on the adjacent main staircase and connects and centers visitors.

(Stanley Museum of Art lightwell by Levi Robb)

The glass throughout the building is “low-iron”, meaning it is clearer than typical glass, which has a green hue to it. Keeping the light white means the interior spaces are “true color” and not tinted. Additionally, key window areas include a blocking filter that prevents UV light from entering the building.

View from the northeast offices by Justin Torner

The window systems, manufactured by Oldcastle Building Envelope and installed by Forman-Ford, have varying thickness based on the gravity and wind loads they will be subjected to. Window depths throughout the building range from 2 3/4 and 10 7/8 inches. The thinnest windows are at the entrance, with the deeper windows surrounding the south terrace on level three.

Third-floor hallway by Elizabeth Wallace

Since construction began in 2019, you’ve viewed the building throughout its progress from the outside. We can’t wait to shift your perspective and show you our new home from the inside. Our next construction update will feature the work staff is doing in preparation for welcoming you when the Stanley Museum of Art opens to the public on September 2, 2022. See you then!

[From the Fall 2021 Stanley Museum of Art Magazine.]