Museum of Art Building Nears Completion

The new Stanley Museum of Art building is over 90% complete and contractors are hard at work on the finishing details. The long ramp leading from Front Street to the main entrance and the main staircase rising from Gibson Square Park are nearly finished. A snow melt system is already installed in the loading dock and soon will be installed on the front terrace and in the three-story lightwell. Permanent casework for object exhibition on the gallery and education floors will be fitted over the coming weeks. The elegant wooden ceilings are nearing completion on the third floor and will grace the lobby by the end of this month. The collections storage area continues to receive racks, shelving, and cabinets that will accommodate the return of artwork next spring. Sunlight streams through the windows on the third floor and infuses the lobby with natural light. This beautiful new museum building will be a warm, welcoming haven for visitors and staff alike.


All images by Elizabeth Wallace