Book a Stanley School Programs Visit

Dear Fellow Educators:

This year Stanley School Programs (SSP) will not be accepting online request forms for classroom visits around the state. The Stanley’s Education Department will be using the next two years to undertake the task of reconfiguring SSP as we prepare for the opening of the new Stanley Museum of Art building on the University of Iowa Campus in downtown Iowa City. Bringing a new museum building online is an intensive process, and the time and attention of our entire Education team will be needed for this monumental move. 

Have no fear—SSP will emerge from this process stronger and more sustainable than ever. Even after the reconfiguration, SSP will continue to connect Iowa’s teachers and K-12 students to extraordinary works of art as part of a new, multi-faceted engagement strategy that will also include school fieldtrips to the new building and teacher professional development. Thank you for your interest in working with SSP, and stay tuned for updates on the evolution of the program!


Brady Plunger, on behalf of the Stanley’s Education team.