K–12 Videos

The Stanley Museum of Art has created videos for K–12 students about looking at art and its collection. Teachers, parents, and students can view the videos individually or as a series to learn more about works in our collection. Each video includes open-ended discussion questions to continue the conversation in the classroom or at home.

Looking at Art for K–12 Audiences

  • Close Looking 101
  • Interpreting Art 101

Northwest Coast Art

  • Introduction to Northwest Coast Art
  • Deon Louie, Raven Moon Mas
  • Janice Morin, Shaman's Mask

Art of the Southwest

  • Introduction to Southwest Indigenous Art
  • Erik Fender
  • Emma Lewis Mitchell and Carmel Lewis Haskaya

Lift Every Voice

  • Alma Thomas: Spring Embraces Yellow
  • Sam Gilliam: Red April

Graphic Novels and Comics

  • Introduction
  • Splash Page
  • Onomotopoeia
  • Ho Che Anderson
  • Narrative: Jeff Lemire, Tales from the Farm
  • Jeff Lemire: Artistic Techniques in Storytelling
  • David Morrell: Storytelling in Captain America: The Chosen

African Art

  • Introduction to African Art
  • Sande Masks
  • Kponyungo Mask