Senior Living Communities Program

The University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art Senior Living Communities (SLC) Program supports the mission of the Stanley, which is to facilitate the meaningful and significant experience of works of art. The Stanley staff and docents, working with staff from the collaborating senior centers, have created programming and activities that are designed for participants at senior centers. The presentations will feature a combination of audiovisual presentations, objects, and hands-on activities. The objective of the SLC Program is to stimulate thought about Stanley exhibitions, specific artists and works of art— including cultural, social, and historic context, as well as formal art elements and principles—through Stanley docent-facilitated discussions and hands-on activities that interest and engage senior groups.

The artistic knowledge and skill varies among each SLC participant. Some participants have never studied art, while some audience members have advanced degrees in Art History or other humanities field. Typically, an SLC audience member has little to some preexisting knowledge of art and art history. The physical and mental ability varies among the audience members. The museum docents are able to adapt the presentations and activities so that people of various skill levels are able to learn from and enjoy the experience.

This service is provided free of charge to senior living communities and other public venues that serve this growing demographic. For more information, please contact Amanda Lensing at: or 319-467-0074.

Funding for SLC is provided by the Community Foundation of Johnson County through 5224Good.

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