Art & the Afterlife: Fantasy Coffins by Eric Adjetey Anang

Black Box Theater, Iowa Memorial Union
125 N. Madison St., Iowa City

For the first time in over twenty years, UIMA will present a solo exhibition of work by a contemporary African artist. Through an installation of six representational “fantasy coffins” by the Ghanaian artist Eric Adjetey Anang, as well as video-recorded interviews with Anang and other coffin-makers from Ghana, and gallery labels providing further context, Art & the Afterlife explores one of the most celebrated (and debated) forms of African art today. As the exhibition demonstrates, the “afterlife” of Anang’s work today refers at once to a funerary tradition among Ga peoples of southern Ghana and to an artistic practice that reconfigures the scope and meaning of mortality and cultural identity. Works on view

This exhibition is curated by Cory Gundlach, UIMA Curator of the Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas.

Support for Art & the Afterlife: Fantasy Coffins by Eric Adjetey Anang is provided by the Members Special Exhibition Fund.

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Eric Adjetey Anang will serve as a UIMA artist-in-residence this fall, from October 1 to November 18.