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Untitled Art of the Day Post

Untitled Art of the Day Post

It's Conflict Resolution Day! 

Conflict happens on many scales, from backseat sibling squabbles to candidate arguments on a contentious debate night to globally consequential military clashes.

Check out artist Lil Picard’s path to peace. Perhaps not as warm and fuzzy as most mediators would wish, Picard advocated “Destruction for Construction’s sake," preferably through fire. The references to burning in this typed passage are not metaphorical. Rather, this work includes the ashes of war newspaper clippings, highlighted in Day-Glo green. Simultaneously, Picard was experimenting with the controlled burning of her husband’s silk neckties.

Produced in 1967, this work coincided with massive unrest both in the United States and abroad. As the Vietnam war raged, thousands gathered to protest the violence. In turn, many of these protests became violent. Almost exactly 49 years ago, the New York Daily News reported that on October 21, 1967, protestors at the Pentagon were met with army troops, military police, and United States marshals brandishing clubs and lobbing tear gas grenades. 500 peaceniks of the estimated 200,000 (though the Pentagon claimed the number of protestors was closer to 35,000) were arrested for attempting to infiltrate the Defense Department headquarters.

How are you resolving your own conflicts today? Do you agree or disagree with Picard’s destruction for construction’s sake ethos?

Lil Picard (German, 1899 - 1994)

Peace Object (interior)

, 1967
Folded printed sheet with spray painted and collaged plastic element
Lil Picard Collection, University of Iowa Museum of Art, 2012.912