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What are your weekend plans? Chances are, you are dusting off your summer best to attend a wedding. According to popular wedding website The Knot, June 18 was the most popular date for weddings among their 27,000 users in 2016. To turn up your toast game, take a look at this wedding vase in our permanent collection. The single body and two spouts of this vessel symbolize the unity oftwo individuals becoming one family. 

Created by Minnie Vigil of the Santa Clara Pueblo, this vessel type was championed by pottery dealers beginning in the mid-nineteenth century. In the 1930s, Santa Clara potter Lela Gutierrez and her husband Van began experimenting with the unpainted monochromatic ceramics traditionally produced in the pueblo. Intricately patterned polychromatic redwares evolved from their experiments and Minnie Vigil continues the style today. 

How do you symbolize love? 

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Wedding vase

Minnie Vigil

Wedding vase

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Gift of Dr. Lawrence F. and Marilyn E. Staples, 62.2014