Friday, March 1 | 9pm - 11pm

Trumpet Blossom Cafe  | 310 E Prentiss St, Iowa City, Iowa 52240

Cost: $8 or FREE for ages 20 and under


The Feed Me Weird Things collaboration is a series of online visual “mixtapes” created in response to a series of music performances. Each mixtape (or group of art) is culled from the permanent collections of the University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art and paired with short essays. These essays and images provide an avenue for exploring overlaps between the aesthetic sensibilities of visual and sonic artforms. 

A central endeavor of art exhibitions and concert series alike is to introduce audiences to new ideas, or novel combinations and juxtapositions of old ideas. Musical curator Chris Wiersema (Mission Creek Festival) and visual curator Vero Rose Smith (Stanley Museum of Art) are united in their effort to carve out cavities for interesting conversations and cross-disciplinary connections. What is music? What is art? Where are the spaces between, and the intersections? What does it mean to listen and see deeply? The curators hold in common a belief that learning to listen and see with depth and empathy should not be limited to those able to receive specialized training. Sharing time, and attention, and physical proximity with others can create a natural empathy despite differences in personal identities and cultures.


Jason Snell is a multidisciplinary artist who has two decades of experience producing technology-based art, including electronic music, interactive technology, and motion design.

His work, Primarily Assembly, is the result of developing a biosensor-driven electronic music performance using an EEG and EKG to read his body rhythms and translate them into music.

He has produced dozens of albums for experimental music labels and performed over 100 shows throughout North America and Europe. He extends his music through inventing experimental technologies, including a generative MIDI sequencer with artificial intelligence and using motion and biosensors to compose live music performances.

His design work has included interfaces, websites, and mobile applications for interactive departments at HBO, MTV, AOL Music, and Condé Nast, winning several New Media awards. Finally, his film work explores using generative algorithms to dynamically sequence films and has premiered at Sundance and the Berlin Independent Film Festival.

His time is spent between Los Angeles, Iowa, and Berlin.

Brendan Hanks:
You'll have to speak up, I'm wearing a towel.


Collection Highlights

Squeak Carnwath

Second Inside Thought

, 1995
Woodcut, 30 5/8  x 30 in. (77.79  x 76.2 cm)
Edwin B. Green American Art Acquisition Endowment, 1996.5