Saturday, April 27 | 9pm - 12am

Iowa City Yacht Club | 13 S Linn St, Iowa City, Iowa 52240

Cost: $8 or FREE for ages 20 and under 


The Feed Me Weird Things collaboration is a series of online visual “mixtapes” created in response to a series of music performances. Each mixtape (or group of art) is culled from the permanent collections of the University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art and paired with short essays. These essays and images provide an avenue for exploring overlaps between the aesthetic sensibilities of visual and sonic artforms. 

A central endeavor of art exhibitions and concert series alike is to introduce audiences to new ideas, or novel combinations and juxtapositions of old ideas. Musical curator Chris Wiersema (Mission Creek Festival) and visual curator Vero Rose Smith (Stanley Museum of Art) are united in their effort to carve out cavities for interesting conversations and cross-disciplinary connections. What is music? What is art? Where are the spaces between, and the intersections? What does it mean to listen and see deeply? The curators hold in common a belief that learning to listen and see with depth and empathy should not be limited to those able to receive specialized training. Sharing time, and attention, and physical proximity with others can create a natural empathy despite differences in personal identities and cultures.


Known as pioneers of the new era noise rap scene, Moodie Black has snuggly nestled themselves into alt rap lore. Over a decade strong Moodie Black has earned a reputation of being harshly uncompromising while showcasing their affinity for mood and atmosphere.
"The resulting effort shares provocative, honest commentary on what it’s like to be a trans person of color in today’s political climate coupled with the daunting task of facing down the misogyny in rap’s corner of the music industry." - Out Magazine, reviewing most recent album, Lucas Acid.

Maul of America


Collection Highlights

Sister Mary Corita Kent


, n.d.
Screenprint on paper, 6 3/4 x 15 3/4 in. (17.15 x 40.01 cm)
The Alden Lowell Doud Collection, 2014.23