Friday, July 12 | 9pm - 12am

Trumpet Blossom Cafe  | 310 E Prentiss St, Iowa City, Iowa 52240

Cost: $8 or FREE for ages 20 and under


The Feed Me Weird Things collaboration is a series of online visual “mixtapes” created in response to a series of music performances. Each mixtape (or group of art) is culled from the permanent collections of the University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art and paired with short essays. These essays and images provide an avenue for exploring overlaps between the aesthetic sensibilities of visual and sonic artforms. 

A central endeavor of art exhibitions and concert series alike is to introduce audiences to new ideas, or novel combinations and juxtapositions of old ideas. Musical curator Chris Wiersema (Mission Creek Festival) and visual curator Vero Rose Smith (Stanley Museum of Art) are united in their effort to carve out cavities for interesting conversations and cross-disciplinary connections. What is music? What is art? Where are the spaces between, and the intersections? What does it mean to listen and see deeply? The curators hold in common a belief that learning to listen and see with depth and empathy should not be limited to those able to receive specialized training. Sharing time, and attention, and physical proximity with others can create a natural empathy despite differences in personal identities and cultures.


Derek Gedalecia, a.k.a. Headboggle, has been performing electronic keyboard-based soundscapes for several years in the Bay Area in over a hundred local performances at venues ranging from GTK to YBCA. Incorporating lowbrow with highbrow art, music, and comedy, Head Boggle’s intent is to fuse together a new ecstatic improvisational performance style with a carefully crafted musical underbed. In his formative years, Gedalecia studied classical and ragtime piano from noted ragtime composer/revivalist Dr. Brian Dykstra. .
“Headboggle splinters his typically all-encompassing style of synth composition into tiny one-minute morsels and the results play out like fellow Bay Area legends the Residents on their Commercial Album: short and sweet, presenting each idea as a discrete miniature world and moving on. Derek presents a comprehensive taxonomy of the tones and strategies within his arsenal of synths and electronics, finding room for everything from glistening classical-informed harmonies to the bludgeoning rhythmic squelches that have become his signature. Across forty-four tracks, Derek dilates time and sketches out some oblique narrative known only to him that seems to contain infinite details.”—Max Allison, Hausu Mountain

...is a sound, visual, and performance artist currently based in Oakland,CA, exploring relationships of sound, the body and the exterior space in which they exist, psychosis, mortality, the prison system and the omnipresent entropic trap door of life. Also performs in multimedia performance projects Coral Remains (fka Styrofoam Sanchez) and False/None, synths in Cyborg Eye, and OSC and curates the Ratskin Records imprint (Since 2005) and is a curator In residence at Pro Arts in Oakland, CA. Malocculsion has LP and CD releases forthcoming on Love Earth Music, and Ratskin.

...is an Iowa City-based self taught electronic musician whose music draws from influences such as Daft Punk, Janet Jackson, and the Hubble Space Telescope.
“The night ended on a different note thanks to Purcha$e, a local performer. She took to the stage, and suddenly, the crowd members took to their feet. While Trumpet Blossom itself isn’t a venue made for dancing, that didn’t stop any of Purcha$e’s fans…I even got out of my seat and danced to her music. It was almost as if the vibrations of her beats were pulsating through my soul… her music seemed to send me back to not only the very first time I saw the movie, but the very first time I heard electronic music.”
-The Daily Iowan

Collection Highlights

William Walmsley

 Ding Dong Daddy I'll Have to Think About That

, 1992
Lithograph with florescent inks, 27 3/4 x 22 1/4 in. (70.49 x 56.52 cm)
Gift from the Collection of William A. Walmsley, 2007.81