Wednesday, November 6  | 6pm - 9pm


The Feed Me Weird Things collaboration is a series of online visual “mixtapes” created in response to a series of music performances. Each mixtape (or group of art) is culled from the permanent collections of the University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art and paired with short essays. These essays and images provide an avenue for exploring overlaps between the aesthetic sensibilities of visual and sonic artforms. 

A central endeavor of art exhibitions and concert series alike is to introduce audiences to new ideas, or novel combinations and juxtapositions of old ideas. Musical curator Chris Wiersema (Mission Creek Festival) and visual curator Vero Rose Smith (Stanley Museum of Art) are united in their effort to carve out cavities for interesting conversations and cross-disciplinary connections. What is music? What is art? Where are the spaces between, and the intersections? What does it mean to listen and see deeply? The curators hold in common a belief that learning to listen and see with depth and empathy should not be limited to those able to receive specialized training. Sharing time, and attention, and physical proximity with others can create a natural empathy despite differences in personal identities and cultures.


Jordan Reyes:
A pillar of the Chicago undergound seen scene for years, Jordan is a member of Reverent, Spring Break, and industrial gospel legends, ONO, as well as running American Damage and Moniker record labels.
His newest record, Close, Reyes describes it's genesis:
"Making music on the synthesizer is an activity of erasure for me. I’ve been sober for over 5 years at this point, but I think a lot about addiction still, and how that impulse, habit, biochemistry has warped since I quit drinking and drugging. I frequently ask myself why did I bring myself so close to oblivion? Well, to forget the pain of being alive. I don’t feel the pain quite so constantly these days, but I do have a fixation on bringing myself to the brink of waking unconsciousness. I get there with long distance running, for instance. Running has been a constant companion in my recovery. It’s when I do my clearest thinking and my clearest unthinking. At some point, my self just seems to slip away. And that’s kind of what happens when I have my consciousness buried in my synthesizer – I’m not mentally there anymore. I’m wading waist deep in patch cords, searching and searching. At any rate, Close is about that."

Doctor Sarcophagus:
Combined forces of two of Iowa City's most interesting voices in spooky country, Peanut Ricky and Wayne Gibbus set out to pull spirits from the ether.

Death Bag:
1st gig of grim local unit featuring composer and funeral bassoonist Gabi Vanek and sound artist Chris Wiersema. The duo uses intersecting elements of grind, power electronics, free jazz, and industrial drone to burn off the impurities of fear with the catharsis of abandon.

Collection Highlights

Luis Feito López


, 1959
Oil on canvas, 45 3/8 x 57 7/8 in. (115.25 x 147 cm)
Gift of Owen and Leone Elliott, 1968.22