Ray Parker

American (1922 - 1990)


, 1967
Oil and acrylic on canvas, 85 x 100 in. (215.9 x 254 cm)
Partial gift of Raymond Parker and museum purchase, 1969/527

Equally improvisational in his approach image and sound, hobbyist jazz musician Ray Parker was an influential educator and Color Field painter. A graduate from the University of Iowa, Parker went on to teach painting at the University of Minnesota and Hunter College in New York City. Best known for his so-called "Simple Paintings" produced in the 1950s and 60s, Parker often floated richly pigmented geometries on a white background. Though unrecognizable as distinct objects, the shapes of Parker's paintings resemble candied clouds or amorphous bacterium. 

Like Parker,  the musicians of Tiger Hatchery  consider improvisation a crucial ingredient in the compositional process. Bright buzzes and tings punctuate a cacophonous (sometimes cavernous) continuous rhythmic backdrop in both tracks from Mind's Eye, recalling the saturated lozenges of Parker's paintings.