Monday, September 10 | 9pm - 11pm

Trumpet Blossom Cafe  | 310 E Prentiss St, Iowa City, Iowa 52240

Cost: $8


The Feed Me Weird Things collaboration is a series of online visual “mixtapes” created in response to a series of music performances. Each mixtape (or group of art) is culled from the permanent collections of the University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art and paired with short essays. These essays and images provide an avenue for exploring overlaps between the aesthetic sensibilities of visual and sonic artforms. 

A central endeavor of art exhibitions and concert series alike is to introduce audiences to new ideas, or novel combinations and juxtapositions of old ideas. Musical curator Chris Wiersema (Mission Creek Festival) and visual curator Vero Rose Smith (Stanley Museum of Art) are united in their effort to carve out cavities for interesting conversations and cross-disciplinary connections. What is music? What is art? Where are the spaces between, and the intersections? What does it mean to listen and see deeply? The curators hold in common a belief that learning to listen and see with depth and empathy should not be limited to those able to receive specialized training. Sharing time, and attention, and physical proximity with others can create a natural empathy despite differences in personal identities and cultures.



Timeghost performances focus primarily on multi-channel compositions, some of which is fed into tactile speaker sheets that can be warped both physically and sonically. Timeghost live shows rely on multi-sensory experience: utilizing projected video camera feeds, phantasmagoric lighting effects, and synthesizers controlled by sensors placed inside the performer's body.

"Providence, Rhode Island's Adam Morosky pours modular synthesis, drum machines, found sounds and spoken prose into dense, hot compositions, then squints delightedly at the results. His methodology is a tug of war between chaos and control, allowing stray sounds to cycle off at random, but giving them space to work their way back into the fabric."
Louis Pattison, The Wire

John Bender:
This will be John Bender's first true tour, having been a pioneering composer of Minimal Wave electronic music in the late 70's - 80's, but living a mostly private life for the past 30 years. He began performing live in 2016, mostly improvising with modular synthesizers at select festivals 

"John Bender is without a doubt the protagonist, if not the inventor, of the musical genre known as minimal wave. His synthesizer sounds carried elements of techno and acid a decade before the invention of either genre. His voice and his somewhat sentimental, mournful lyrics made his music outstanding and extraordinary, an unprecedented mixture of elements. His three self-released LPs are must-haves for every serious collector and anyone interested in coldwave, minimal synth, and techno sounds." - Vinyl on Demand

Gabi Vanek: 
Gabi Vanek is a cultural imperialist and rabble-rouser and interdisciplinary bassoonist and scholar currently residing in Iowa City. Her sonic interests are primarily the aesthetic and tonal crossover often found between contemporary classical music and harsh noise. She has had the privilege of performing as both a soloist and part of chamber ensembles at experimental music festivals and concert series around the Midwest and beyond including appearances at the KNOB New Music Festival, nief-norf,
20/20 Sound Festival, Iowa City’s own IhearIC, and most unusually, as a virtual exhibitor at the Osaka University of the Arts Electro-acoustic Music Festival. Her scholarly credits include presenting at the University of Southern Denmark-Odense’s “Extreme Music: Hearing and Nothingness” conference on death metal greats Gorguts and a recently published follow up article in Metal Music Studies.


Collection Highlights

Jasper Johns

 Two Flags (Black) 

, 1970 - 1972
Lithograph, 31 1/2  x 23 in. (80.01  x 58.42 cm)
Edwin B. Green American Art Acquisition Endowment, 2001.7