Philip Guston and Iowa

UIMA@IMU Visual Classroom
125 N. Madison Street, Iowa City

This special presentation of 12 works by Philip Guston in the UIMA collection emphasizes the renowned artist’s production during the three and a half year period he was a (State) University of Iowa painting and drawing instructor and visiting artist (Fall 1941-Spring 1945). 

The exhibition is curated by UIMA Senior Curator Kathleen A. Edwards and made possible with sponsorship from the Members Special Exhibition Fund

Please join us for the symposium Philip Guston and Iowa, October 21, 2017. See here for details and the full program.

Tensely waiting for the green light, pg. 130

Philip Guston (American, born in Canada, 1913–1980)

Tensely waiting for the green light, pg. 130

, "Troop Carrier Command. The Common Carrier of Death and Destruction. Destination: The Enemy’s Rear" for the series "The Working Front 2." Fortune, October 1943, vol. 28, no. 4
Fortune reproduction of original watercolor and gouache on paper
Private Collection