Silver Linings: UIMA in Iowa schools - Art of India

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109 E. Washington Street, Iowa City

After the flood of 2008, the UIMA needed to find a way to serve the university community and Iowa as a whole—without a museum building. The creative and extraordinarily popular result was a UIMA Education Department program that offers hands-on educational opportunities to Iowans. Using the museum’s world-class African art collection as a template, members of the education staff purchased similar objects specifically for presentations at K–12 Iowa schools. Since that beginning, art objects from many other cultures, including works from India, Japan, and the indigenous peoples of the Americas, have joined the School Programs Collections for this unique educational experience. The UIMA’s flourishing outreach extends throughout the state, including many underserved communities.

The Art of India explores the social and spiritual beliefs of the Indian culture. With the broad diversity of the population of India, this collection focuses on the Hindu belief system.

Thanks to the generous donations of the UIMA Education Partners, US Bank and Scheels, K–12 students and other Iowans can explore, see, and hear about amazing artworks that bring the cultures of the world to Iowa. In order to make as much of the collections available to the public, the UIMA School Programs Collections are being displayed at multiple venues across Iowa City throughout 2016.

India; Hindu

Ganesha murti

Brass, 34 1/2 x 19 x 14 in.
UIMA School Programs Collections, IHI.1A–B