Social (In)Justice

Black Box Theater, IMU
125 N. Madison St., Iowa City

Social (In)Justice offers an infinite range of possibilities for discussion by considering complex—and possibly contentious—ideas. Conceived as the UIMA’s contribution to Just Living, the University of Iowa’s Spring 2016 Theme Semester on social justice, the exhibition will explore four themes: American identity (at home and abroad); the art world as experienced by women artists; the cultural and political exercise of justice in Africa; and the status of Grant Wood, Iowa’s “favorite son,” as it is both accepted and challenged.

“Because social justice is such a huge concept, the exhibition is not intended to be comprehensive, nor is it meant to celebrate issues of social injustice that have been resolved. Social justice is a noble goal, a platonic ideal, that doesn’t really exist. That doesn’t and shouldn’t stop us from struggling to achieve progress in making the world a more just place for everyone,” says Dale Fisher, the UIMA curator of education and lead curator for the exhibition.

Works on view 

UI honors students conducted research on African objects included in Social (In)Justice / The Path of Power. A gallery guide for the objects may be viewed here. Selected student papers may be read here.

Funding for the exhibition was provided in part by Deborah & Rod Zeitler and the UIMA Members Special Exhibition Fund.

Untitled: Silueta Series, Mexico—From Silueta Works in Mexico, 1973–1977

Ana Mendieta (Cuban, 1948–1985)

Untitled: Silueta Series, Mexico—From Silueta Works in Mexico, 1973–1977

, 1976 (Estate print 1991)
Color photograph from a suite of twelve, 20 x 16 in.
© The Estate of Ana Mendieta Collection, LLC, Courtesy of Galerie Lelong, New York