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"Lil Picard" by Silvianna Goldsmith, 1981

(c) Silvianna Goldsmith

Silvianna Goldsmith is a New York-based independent filmmaker, artist and photographer whose works includes “Orpheus Underground,”1975, an experimental feature that aroused controversy for its eroticism and violence. She was a founding member of Women/Artist/Filmmakers, Inc., taught personal film at the Women’s Interart Center, and was on the board of the Filmmakers Co-op of New York. Her video “Oneiro: In the Shadow of Isadora” with Lori Belilove, was shown on Metro Arts Thirteen in May, 2004. She continues to work with dancers, in multi-media and digital photography. Lil Picard was shown in the Whitney Museum of American Art exhibition The Color of Thought, the Color of Ritual in 2000, and at the Eighth Annual MadCat Women’s International Film Festival in San Francisco, in September 2004.