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1965-2065-2165 press release

1965-2065-2165 was Picard’s first major performative environment. The following description comes from the Smolin Gallery press release, largely unchanged from the text that Picard provided to them:

“The scene: a series of caves and alternating arenas. The Time sequence, spaced a century apart, dated: 1965, 2065, 2165. You enter this environment through a short irregular cave filled with cosmetics of today, displayed in wire boxes, then proceed into the first arena enclosed with Paris subway posters. Here are cosmetics for viewers to use, here and now as they please. Into the next century, 2065 and the second sequence; the cave and arena of destruction. Cosmetics, assemblages, collages suggest atomized, fragmented, fossilized specimens of beauty destroyed; vanity buried under ashes, tangled wire, twisted, melted plastic, rust of the ages. While the viewer looks or contemplates the past or future, the collage of sound is continuous; music from rock and roll, electronic to sentimental ballads interspersed with poetry quotations, excerpts from TV, radio and magazine advertising, all focusing on beauty, beauty and more beauty of face, form, figure…symbol of an affluent age. Finally, 2165, cave and area show the remains of 1965 in sculptured collages as it might be seen through the eyes of an archaeologist. The viewer may also participate and add to the scene with materials provided…and continue reflecting on the world as it might well be in 2165.” Lil Picard Papers

Picard later wrote in a 1974 statement:

“I work w/the idea of destruction and construction, dematerialization and symbolic references to our society, to the political, sociological, environmental situation and I try through Art and Self-Performance to help to achieve CHANGE for values of humane and spiritual conditions in life. My ideas are of the Future and I like to use all my strength and efforts to create in the last quarter of the 20th century, beginning in the year 2000. For this reason I titled my cosmetic event 1965-2065-2165. I believe in Man-Woman as a whole…an entity.”