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Burnt Ties, 1968

Burned silk ties

Lil Picard Collection, University of Iowa Museum of Art

Picard’s burned ties series was exhibited at the Finch College “Destruction in Art” show in 1968, and at Lajeski Gallery, New York, in 1975. According to Georgia Dullea of The New York Times, at the Lajeski reception Picard “singed guest’s ties with matches and irons.”

Lucy Lippard wrote the introduction to Picard’s exhibition at the Goethe House in 1970 (concurrent shows were on view at Ronald Feldman Gallery and Holly Solomon Gallery). Lippard stated “In 1967, using (perhaps not coincidentally) her husband’s real silk neckties, Picard began to burn things. She went on to plastic neckties and other objects and finally burned the war in Vietnam. Destruction has always been an integral part of her esthetic, often as an instrument of political protest, as evidenced in her performances and her slyly ‘dematerialized’ portraits of art world figures on napkins or other symbolically disposable materials.”