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Clearly, the exhibition Lil Picard and Counterculture New York, as well as this short essay and even the Picard website, serve merely to introduce or reintroduce Lil Picard into the narrative of her time. The University of Iowa extends an open invitation to students looking for a dissertation subject, to curious scholars, or to that special writer out there looking for the next subject of a book.

Kathleen A. Edwards
Chief Curator, University of Iowa Museum of Art


1. Collage in Blue, 1957, oil and collage on canvas, 1389.1999
2. Andy Warhol and Other Presidents of the U.S.A., 1975, mixed media with sugar cubes, 646.1999
3. 9 Wigs, c. 1979, nine gelatin silver photographs taped together
4. Napalm Body from the performance Self-Portrait (Messages), 1968. Photograph: Arthur Swoger
5. Lady Woolworth, 1963, assemblage on cardboard, 980.1999
6. Burned Tie, 1968, burned silk ties, 993.1999
7. From Construction-Destruction-Construction, 1967, performed at The Factory (performers: Ralph Ortiz, Jean Touche, Lil Picard), photographer unknown
8. From Ballad of Sweet Peas (Peace) and Lollypops, performed at the 5th Avant Garde Festival, 1966. Photograph: Diane Dorr-Dorynek
9. From 1965-2065-2165, environment at Smolin Gallery, New York, NY, 1965. Photograph: Peter Moore
10. From Construction-Destruction-Construction (performed at Judson Church), 1967 (Al Hansen and Lil Picard), gelatin silver. Photographer: Julie Abeles


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