Collection Highlights

Three verticle panels of pastel green, blue, and yellow, angled towards the top like through a prism.

Ocean Park, No. 17

Richard Diebenkorn
Splattered red paint over a cream, creased looking background with hints of blue and yellow.

Red April

Sam Gilliam
Four horses pull a plow on which a farmer wearing overalls and a brimmed hat leans backwards, holding reigns.

Corn Country

Lee Allen
A textured red painting with slight hints of a darker background showing through.

Red No. 28

Yayoi Kusama
Rainbow gradient with green at the top, red at the bottom, and blue and purple center.

Within One

Leon Berkowitz
5 circles, light green, dark green, and three black, haloed with other colors on a brown background.

Starlite Bust Inc.

Jules Olitski
Painting of the gabled end of a red barn with peeling paint.

Lutz's Barn

Marvin Cone
A dark-haired boy wearing a red, burgundy, and pink argyle sweater, and old-fashioned lace-up football trousers. He holds a football under his right arm and looks forward. Behind him are a wooded landscape and blue sky.

Plaid Sweater

Grant Wood
A large abstract painting with swirls of yellow, pink, teal, and light greenish blue, amid longer, vertical, curved black lines that have a quality of dance-like movement.


Jackson Pollock