While Stanley Museum of Art staff are busy preparing for the long-awaited grand opening on August 26, 2022, University of Iowa students are going behind the scenes and participating in the planning of opening week celebrations. The Stanley Campus Council (SCC) is the museum’s student-run advisory board that plans programming focused on engaging the campus community. Students from all backgrounds and ages are involved with the SCC— from undergraduate art students to graduate students pursuing their law degrees. Everyone brings a unique perspective on how the Stanley will be a resource during their time at the University of Iowa. 

Last month the SCC toured the new facility. They got a first look at Odili Donald Odita’s lobby mural Surrounding and observed the potential of the gallery spaces and third-floor classrooms for future events. This past semester, the SCC has been hard at work coordinating exciting opening-week events as well as monthly activities for the fall semester. If you want to learn more about the SCC and the invaluable work they do, contact Allie Tokarski, assistant curator of student engagement.

A group of students, seen from the back, walk through a Stanley Museum of Art gallery
Photo by Samantha Heuthorst