History Is Always Now” examines how culture constantly evolves, emphasizing movement and artistic exchange through time and space. Historic African and Asian objects, along with indigenous art from many regions including the Americas and Oceania, are juxtaposed with works by modern and contemporary artists. The exhibition demonstrates how Black and indigenous artists have shaped art and culture around the globe. Artwork and objects represent all areas of our collection, from prints to textiles and drawings to ceramics. In “History Is Always Now,” we depart from the anthropological, siloed way of understanding art and culture. During your visit to this installation, you will discover unexpected connections within the collection and adopt a global perspective. You will see the story of art unfold within a shared memory rather than divided by continent or historical period. “History Is Always Now” encourages viewers to recognize how history shapes the present, how we’ve been connected in the past, and how we are connected now, at this moment, at the Stanley Museum of Art.

An installation shot of "History is Always Now."

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