Friday, August 19, 2022

The Stanley Campus Council (SCC) functions as the Stanley Museum of Art's student-run advisory board. The SCC provides a platform for UI students to exercise their voice within the museum space: they do so by developing and facilitating student-specific programming creating and sharing original content, and creating opportunities for collaboration, partnership, and leadership among other UI student orgs and campus groups.

The Stanley Campus Council is made up of students from all different backgrounds: you'll find a range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students getting involved in the SCC.

The Stanley Campus Council is led by the Campus Engagement Coordinator, a student employee at the Stanley Museum of Art, who is tasked with bridging the gap between the student group and the staff at the Stanley Museum of Art. The Campus Engagement Coordinator's work is supported by the SCC Intern, another student employee.

SCC Members

A photo of Emalie Brannigan: she is posing, half hidden by her laptop screen, smiling down at the camera.
A photo of Lily Hester: they are posing in Art Building West, wearing a very colorful sweater.
A photo of Phillip Dixon: he is smiling at the camera, appears to be wearing a backpack, and there is a classroom setting behind him.
A photo of Akansha Jain: she is smiling directly at the camera.

Emalie Brannigan

Campus Engagement Coordinator

BA in Psychology; Education Studies & Human Relations, graduating Spring 2023

Lily Hester

Stanley Campus Council Intern

BA in Anthropology, Minors in African American Studies and GWSS, graduating Spring 2023

Phillip Dixon


Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, graduating Spring 2025

Akansha Jain


Dual MD/ PhD Trainee

A photo of Claire Graham: she is posing in a blue turtleneck sweater, in front of a house.
A photo of Nick Stroup: he is smiling at the camera, with an off-center red work of art hanging behind him.
A photo of Megan Dehner: she is smiling at the camera.
A photo of Maddie Meylor: she is against a white backdrop and dressed in a blazer, smiling at the camera.

Claire Graham


BA in English/ Creative Writing, graduating Spring 2024

Nick Stroup


Ph.D. in Higher Education and Student Affairs, graduating Spring 2023

Megan Dehner


K-12 Art Educator, MA in Art Education, graduating Spring 2023

Maddie Meylor


JD Candidate, graduating Spring 2024

A photo of Nicole Essig: she is holding a to-go cup with a smoothie in it, smiling up at the camera.
A photo of Jasmine Lee: she is standing in a black coat and a pink sweater in a forest.
A photo of Faith McPhillips: she's wearing a black dress and standing amidst arcade games in a blue-lit room.
A photo of Leana Marti: she is against a gray wall, smiling directly into the camera.

Nicole Essig


Majoring in Neuroscience, on pre-medicine track, graduating in Spring 2024

Jasmine Lee


Majoring in Global Health Studies, and minoring in Psychology. Graduating 2025

Faith McPhillips


Double Majoring in Graphic Design and Art education, graduating 2025

Leana Marti


Majoring in Art and minoring in Chemistry with a Pre-Med track, Graduating May 2026. 

A photo of Hari Saravanan: he is posing in a suit in front of a yellow outdoor sculpture.
A photo of Eleanor Hildebrant: she is smiling at the camera, posting in front of a brick building, one hand propping up her chin.
A photo of Gul Rukh Mehboob: she is wearing a black lace dress and smiling downward at the camera.
A photo of Julia Culbertson: she is posing with a VIP concert pass in front of a brick building.

Hari Saravanan


Master's in Health Administration, graduating 2024

Eleanor Hildebrandt


Double majoring in Journalism and mass communication and global health studies. Minoring in German. Graduating Spring 2023

Gulrukh Mehboob


Ph.D. in Health management & policy, graduating in 2025.

Julia Culbertson


Majoring in Social work and minoring in Art, Graduating in spring 2026.