From the Stanley Campus Council
Saturday, April 1, 2023

Aubrie Robel is majoring in marketing and minoring in psychology and is graduating in May 2024. Her mediums include pastels, graphite, acrylic, and film/digital photography. Although she is not an art major, she tells herself that she will always have a to-do list to get done and make creative outlets a non-negotiable in her daily/weekly schedule. She makes sure at least a few hours each week are dedicated to some sort of engagement with creating or learning about art.

Art is important to Aubrie because she loves using art as a creative outlet and thinks that observing others' art helps people view the world in different ways. Art also evokes emotions, and she likes challenging herself to understand why a piece of art makes her feel the way it does. She has been creating art since she was little but created many pieces during her time in high school, including pastels, graphite, acrylic, watercolor, film, and digital photography. Now, she creates it in her free time while in college.

Aubrie’s advice to aspiring artists is “Start anywhere, with any materials and any background experience. See where just getting started can get you, and you'd be amazed at what your mind can create.”

Follow Aubrie on Instagram: @aubrie-robel


Aubrie is one of the artists who will be featured at the Stanley Campus Council's April event. Join us on April 13th, 2023, in the Stanley's lobby for On Display: A Student Art Showcase. This program was the personal project of 22/23 Stanley Campus Council Intern, Lily Hester. Their main goal is to dedicate an evening for non-art majors to have the space and time to showcase the art they have created and tell their story of how they incorporate art into their lives while balancing school and life.