From the Stanley Campus Council
Sunday, April 9, 2023

Zoe Dervin is majoring in Speech and Hearing Science and Philosophy and will graduate in May 2023. Her main medium is Photography. Zoe never took art to a super intense level where it might compete with her academics. Any type of art that she does have always been just something she does along with the rest of her life. She appreciates knowing that art will always be something that's there for her to do when the mood strikes.

Art is important to Zoe because it's a way to point out and appreciate the beauty in the world around her. It kind of elevates the "regular." There's definitely much more that art does and can do, but that's the part that really speaks to her. She couldn't pinpoint when she was first introduced to art. Still, Her parents had her and her sister in Saturday morning art classes as pretty young kids, so even though she personally never took art to a very formalized or sophisticated level, it's always been a part of her life. The sky and the clouds are so visually interesting to her! The different colors of the sky throughout the day, the texture of the clouds (or even the tranquility that a cloudless sky brings), and the added delight of catching a glimpse of the moon, stars, or other planets quite often leads to her reaching for her phone to snap a picture.

Zoe’s advice to aspiring artists is “To be clear, I'm definitely saying this as more of a layperson than an actual artist. But my advice would be this: the world needs more art, not less!”


Zoe is one of the artists who will be featured at the Stanley Campus Council's April event. Join us on April 13th, 2023, in the Stanley's lobby for On Display: A Student Art Showcase. This program was the personal project of 22/23 Stanley Campus Council Intern, Lily Hester. Their main goal is to dedicate an evening for non-art majors to have the space and time to showcase the art they have created and tell their story of how they incorporate art into their lives while balancing school and life.