Thursday, May 11, 2023
A photo of Katherine Shamdin; she is seated on stairs, smiling at the camera.

Explain your experience working for the Stanley:

Throughout my time as the Events Intern, I learned invaluable skills about facility rental and client management. I was given a hands-on opportunity to engage with local and renowned organizations, companies, and artists. Additionally, I was able to build relationships among the museum staff and to grow my network. As an artist, I appreciated the environment that fostered creativity and an exceptional work ethic. I am so thankful for my time at the Stanley Museum of Art and will take many lessons with me into the future. 

How did your involvement at the Stanley compliment your studies?

As I am graduating with my BFA in Dance and BA in Enterprise Leadership, working at the Stanley as the Events intern combined my love of art and business. I am also excited to be graduating with Honors in Dance and with Distinction. I was also the Undergraduate Dance Organization’s Vice President this year which was an exciting role. Being involved at the Stanley helped me to gain a greater understanding of Event management and how art and business intersect every day.

What was your favorite moment or part of working at the Stanley?

My favorite part of working at the Stanley was being able to see the total lifespan of an event. From the planning of the event to actually witnessing it, I enjoyed being a part of the process.​​​​​​​

Where are you headed next?

I am pursuing professional dance performance opportunities while also interested in working in arts administration. I am excited to see what the future holds!

What will you miss most about Iowa?

I will miss my friends and amazing faculty who have touched my life here! I have felt so supported in my time at Iowa and I am thankful for all of the wonderful memories I have.