Friday, December 8, 2023

Somehow in the blink of an eye, we have reached the end of the Fall 2023 Semester. Each week we were busy planning events, making Friday Focus videos, working on my self-guided tour, designing Baggu tote bags and hosting really great events! Although the entire semester has been a learning experience, a few moments stand out to me.  

design of the zine created for the HBD,SMA Event. On the pieces of paper are pictures, text, and colorful outlines of events and moments that look back at the last year

The first would definitely have to be looking back on the last year we have been opened in preparation for our HBD, SMA Event. I had a lot of fun looking back on events, pictures, and other memories from the past year in the museum and creating a fun Zine to commemorate them all! 

In relation to the Stanley’s first birthday, our celebration was just as fun to host as it was to plan! Everyone who attended seemed to have a great time and loved the cupcakes we got from Molly’s (I know I did).  

A photo of the cupcakes at the HBD SMA event. There are 12 of them in a cardboard box, with different colored cakes and frosting.

Moving further into the semester, I began to focus a lot more of my time working on my self-guided tour. This has been a really eye-opening experience to be able to analyze and connect with pieces on display. We are in the final stages of creating the tour, so I am excited for people to be able to see it next semester!  

The Art of Voting was a really fun event to plan in terms of collecting the images for button making and collaborating with Hawk the Vote. However, Bingo Queens felt like a much larger event because we had roughly two months to plan it.

close up image of a hand pouring a canned ginger ale into a clear plastic cup

This allowed us to come up with mocktails recipes, create graphics, and find prizes for the bingo winners. From the start of the semester, I have been really looking forward to Bingo Queens because it was the exact event I had in mind for the museum when I began working here as the Campus Engagement Coordinator.  

To wrap up this semester, the museum will be hosting Study at the Stanley for students to have a space to study, have snacks and drinks, and of course grab some stress toys. This is always a really fun way for students to come into the museum and unwind.  

Looking towards the Spring Semester, I am really excited to continue planning events, film more Friday Focus videos, and hopefully see people in the galleries with my Social Justice self-guided tour! I am also looking to interacting more with the collection and using it as inspiration for my senior capstone project. To learn more about the events we have planned for next semester, click here