Tuesday, February 6, 2024

For February's student event, we held a date night at the museum! We had a scavenger hunt for the galleries, DIY mini bouquets, a photobooth for Polaroids, and delicious snacks! Since this month’s event was around Valentine’s Day, we wanted to host an event so people could bring their valentine or palentine and explore the space!  

very colorful arrangement of flowers. There is a yellow rose, pink snapdragon, and smaller yellow flowers. In the background are vases with other colors of roses and snapdragons

Personally, whenever I think of valentines day I think of pretty bouquets. Therefore, we thought it would be a cute idea to have the students be able to pick out flowers and design their own bouquets. We reached out to Beno’s, a local flower shop, to help supply us with some beautiful flowers. They were so pretty and smelled amazing.  

The students could pick out the colors of their flowers and the ribbon and then choose their own cards to attach to the bouquet. This was a super cute idea and it seemed like everyone really loved the idea.  

tray with chocolate covered strawberries



One of the most important parts of any event are the snacks. So, we decided to get some small pastries, chocolate covered strawberries, and some fruit.  


To incorporate the gallery space, the Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt allowed for students to wander around and complete the scavenger hunt for a prize. Even after the event, guests can pick these up from the front desk and try them out!  

Valentines day scavenger hunt placed on a red background with various colors of pink ribbons around it









The last element of the event was the photobooth! The students all really loved taking their pictures under the floral archway and were able to take their Polaroids home as keepsakes.  

I was really happy with how the event turned out! Everyone seemed so happy to design their own bouquets and were very excited with how they looked.  

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