Friday, March 22, 2024
A photo of three gallery hosts at the Stanley's front desk; two are seated, with the third standing behind them.
Gallery Hosts Georgia, Alexis, and Jack at the front desk together.

‘Meet the Gallery Hosts’ is a video series aimed at introducing our community to the wonderful team of students that staff our front desk. Each week over the winter 2023 session, there were a selection of individual and group gallery host videos posted on our social media pages. They focused on a variety of topics—from the art they relate to and their favorite memories at the Stanley to their favorite songs and movies.

In their individual interviews, our eleven gallery hosts told us why they were interested in the job and what their favorite memory was from their time working at the front desk. Having a chance to further their education beyond the classroom and get to connect with art we have on campus were big factors for many of the gallery hosts when deciding to apply for the position. They all have created fond memories over the past year of interacting with the public - like getting to give out prizes to those who finish the scavenger hunt or helping out at events while getting to listen to artist talks. 

A photo of Anaka and Jack at the HBD, SMA information desk. They are smiling, preparing to hand out zines and Student Challenge cards to event visitors.
Gallery hosts also have the opportunity to work events shifts. 

Together, the gallery hosts answered an array of entertaining questions about their favorite things, followed by a 'This or That' portion. Though all of the gallery hosts are students here at

 the University of Iowa their answers to favorite movie and song were quite vast - they listen to everything from Stick Season by Noah Kahan to Angry by The Rolling Stones and watch everything from Lord of the Rings to Lady Bird. Join in with the gallery hosts as they go back and forth between topics like whether they would rather move the red chair or red benches in the lobby.

Watch both videos below to hear from our amazing gallery host team!