This spring, the Stanley Reads book group features What Napoleon Could Not Do, the debut novel of Derek (DK) Nnuro, the museum’s curator of special projects. The club will meet three times over the spring semester to discuss the novel and discover how objects in the Homecoming exhibition connect with themes in the book. Nnuro will also be on hand to answer questions about the novel and engage participants in craft discussions. We encourage budding writers—especially writers of fiction—to join us. 

What Napoleon Could Not is a gripping novel in which America is seen through the eyes and ambitions of three characters with ties to Africa. 

Stanley Reads Book Club is presented in partnership with Prairie Lights, where What Napoleon Could Not Do will be available beginning on February 7, 2023. On Wednesday, February 8, Prairie Lights will host Nnuro for a reading followed by a conversation with Tameka Cage Conley about the book and its themes.

Portrait of a Black man wearing a purple t-shirt standing in front of a wall with bright, geometric patterns. Right hand image is a book cover with an image of a Black man in a bright blue suit and the title "What Napoleon Could Not Do"

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