Monday, September 18, 2023

To kick off our “Night at the Museum” series, we hosted a voter registration event! In honor of National Voter Registration Day on the 19th of September, our student event on the 14th brought in so many people interested in voting.

A photo of four students posing together in front of the mural in the Stanley lobby--three students are members of Hawk the Vote, and one is the Stanley's Campus Engagement Coordinator, Alexis.

To collaborate on the event, we reached out to Hawk the Vote, a student organization focused on educating students about civic engagement. 

Along with our voter registration table, we also set up a table for students to grab some premade buttons or they also had the option to make their own. We pulled archival voter registration images and also artworks from our own collection that showcased the theme of democratic engagement. If you're interested in seeing what images we showed, you can view our slideshow here

A photo showing the setup of the Art of Voting event--the projector at the far end of the lobby has a looping PowerPoint with images of art and archival photos; there are two tables for button making; and Hawk the Vote has a table to register people to vote.

Students were also able to grab snacks and drinks while watching a slide show of images. We also had music playing and tables set up for visitors to just relax and unwind from the day.  

A close up photo of the table of snacks and drinks at the Art of Voting event, featuring colorful single serve bags of chips and sparkling water.

It was so exciting to see students coming in with their punch cards stamped from our HBD, SMA celebration or just visiting the museum during their free time. Furthermore, so many students came into the museum for the first time for this event and were able to grab a punch card and get their first stamp!  


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