Tuesday, May 28, 2024
A graphic with the words "Student Spotlight" in shades of blue surrounding a photo of Annelies, smiling in a sweater vest.

Hi! My name is Annelies Knight, and I am the new Campus Engagement Coordinator for the 2024-2025 academic year.  

I am a fourth-year student working towards my bachelor's degree in art history, along with the Museum Studies Certificate, and minors in Theatre Arts and French. I am specifically interested in the transition between Gothic (or Medieval) and Renaissance art in Northern Europe.  After my time at the University, I hope to continue studying Art History and spending my time working in museums in grad school.  

I grew up in Iowa City, and I remember going to the old art museum here as a little kid. After the 2008 flood, my mom would take me to Des Moines and Chicago to go to museums, so I am grateful to have this new space for the community and students. Through this position I am excited to help students explore our space, feel more comfortable in it, and to continue visiting museums and learning about art!  

I am excited to be able to create new student events and programs for the upcoming academic year, as well as incorporate my own interests in art history into a self-guided tour.