Monday, May 6, 2024

For the past year, I have held the position as the Campus Engagement Coordinator. I assisted with planning six student events, creating a social justice self-guided tour, making a biweekly social media series, and establishing the Stanley Student Challenge to increase student engagement. This role has been so rewarding to see people connect with the museum. I have always loved museums, especially art museums, so I wanted to create events and activities that would welcome more students into the space 


Looking back at the past year, I am proud of the work I have accomplished. In terms of events, we put together six great events that had amazing turnouts. Some of my favorite memories have been making art inspired mocktails for the drag bingo event and helping to create mini bouquets for our Valentines event.

shown is Alexis Belme, the campus engagement coordinator wrapping ribbon around a bouquet


I have loved seeing students come in with their Stanley Student Challenge punch cards to receive their free customized Stanley Baggu tote bag! The process of designing the bags was also so fun but a little challenging too. 

A photo featuring the Stanley Student Challenge Baggu bag prize. A white bag with green design on it, featuring the slogan "art is for everyone" and drawings of various works of art from the Stanley Museum of Art.



As I was creating my social justice self-guided tour, I did not realize how rewarding it would be to see guests pick up the guide on their way up to the galleries. I had been working on the self-guided tour for a while, so I was happy when it was printed and ready for the public. In case you were not able to grab it in person, I did a blog post describing the tour and attached a digital version! You can find that here.  


The social media series I started, Friday Focus with Alexis, has been a fun weekly project to work on. Previously, I did not have too much experience with creating social media videos. However, I was able to learn a lot along the way. I made videos on Alexander Apóstol, Marsden Hartley, Fritz Scholder, Frances Pino Torivio, Keith Haring, Gordon Matta-Clark, Sam Gilliam, Elizabeth Catlett, Lil Picard, Judy Moonelis, Samia Halaby, and Nnenna Okore! Those videos are over on our social media channels if you are interested and want to learn more about some artists and pieces in our collection!  


Aside from my internship at the museum, I have also had the opportunity to incorporate the Stanley Museum of Art into my senior capstone. As a Social Justice major, we complete a capstone project in the final year of our undergrad. For my research project, I looked at the value of women in art museums both at a national level and locally. By incorporating the Stanley and its collection into my research I was able to look at the impacts of smaller university museums and the diversity of their collections. Furthermore, I was given the opportunity to create a small exhibition on the third floor that showcases artwork from women in the collection.  


Overall, this internship allowed me the opportunity to broaden my understanding of museums and potential career avenues I could take. As I begin looking for jobs after graduation, I have obtained a lot of qualifications and experience through this role. Moreso, I have gained so much knowledge on the bridging of social justice and museum studies.